Opinion piece on Sinéad O’Connor

Three cheers for Sinéad O’Connor, who has this week torn down the glossy facade of the public debate around mental health. The video the Grammy-award-winner posted to her Facebook page on Monday – a motel room recording that has caused concern around the world – is not easy viewing. Seeing her desperate call for help and her honesty about suicidal feelings is excruciating. And not just because we know that she was once one of the biggest stars in the world. She expresses her pain so passionately you can almost taste it.

And I tell her this: thank you. For showing the reality of mental illness. The wailing, ranting, desperate demon that secretly tortures millions. I’ve never been to that motel in New Jersey but I have been in that room with you. Earlier this year I suffered a particularly serious mental breakdown. I have been too ashamed to talk about it publicly as I’m keenly aware of the stigma attached to pain and chaos this raw. Thank you for showing millions of us that we are not alone.

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