Landmark anti-depressant study excluded patients with treatment-resistant depression

Research from Oxford University published in the Lancet has found that a further one million people might benefit from anti-depressant use. 

Scientists reviewed data from 522 trials, involving 116,000 patients, and found that every one of the 21 antidepressants used was more effective than a placebo. 

However, the review 'excluded trials where over 20 percent of the sample group had treatment-resistant depression'.

The research represents a valuable contribution to the understanding of antidepressant effectiveness and an importance source of reassurance and hope to many.

Many people living with depression follow or promote alternatives approaches.

Prescriptions for 64.7 million antidepressants were dispensed in England in 2016.

Almost two-thirds (60 percent) of people taking antidepressants feel the medication affects at least one of five key areas of their lives: their sex life; work or study; social life; close relationships; and independence.

Full story: Mental Health Today

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