Outcome is a client-led LGBTQ+ service that has been run by a lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans team for 15 years and is one of the few LGBT mental health services in London. 

We meet every Tuesday between 10:30am and 4:00pm and usually have 20-25 clients in each session.

Our main aim is to provide a sanctuary for LGBTQ+ people - somewhere safe where they can be themselves, socialise free from discrimination, receive therapies to improve their mental health, learn new skills and acquire knowledge to improve their quality of life.

We are located in the Mind Spa at 35 Ashley Road, London N19 3AG.

Our guiding principles are:-

  • To treat each other with respect, fairness and consideration
  • To be mindful of our individual needs - we are all different but equal.
  • To have a safe environment where we can be ourselves and not be judged.

Our Services   

We offer therapies such as psychotherapy, counselling and alternative therapies (head massage and ear acupuncture) throughout the day, as well as activities such as a film club, creative writing, computer training, art workshops and board games. 

We run a gay men's group and have a LBT women only space.

Our clients can also always just pop in and enjoy our drop-in sessions, where we offer a friendly and supportive ear and non-judgemental advice on life's problems.

We network with other LGBTQ+ groups and invite speakers to help empower clients around issues including:

  • Combating homophobia.
  • Accessing housing, welfare and training support.
  • Safer sex.
  • Cooking and nutrition.
  • Managing debt.

We currently offer the following specialist services:

  • United in Strength, a service aimed at supporting lesbian, bisexual and trans women who experience domestic violence.
  • Follow the Rainbow Employment Support Service: a project that supports LGBTQ+ people to advance in the labour market. We support clients with work related issues such as CV writing, interview practice, searching for voluntary placements, job search and completing job applications.
  • Freedom From Fear To Love: a specialist support service for LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and refugees including a specialist therapy group and peer support. Click here for more information and here to vote in support and help us gain funding.
  • Mindscape: the first LGBTQ+ group to be created in partnership with the London Paranoia and Belief Project. It provides Outcome members with a safe space to share, listen and support each other - and this allows us to explore unsafe experiences such as paranoia, anxiety or whatever the individual may bring.

We also prepare a two-course cooked lunch for £3.00 which helps many clients learn cooking skills, and we all have lunch together.

During the summer we offer picnics and trips chose by our service users.

Our open day is usually in September. Please contact us for further details and for a date.

For more information, call us on
020 7272 5038
or email Sigal.

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