Talk For Health at the Mind Hub

The Talk for Health programme is run by psychotherapist Nicky Forsythe. It trains you to be part of a peer counselling group – a space where you can talk honestly and be accepted for who you really are. This is good for wellbeing and confidence.

What happens?

Step 1
Informal taster session

Step 2
4-day group training in:

  • Self-awareness and open communication
  • Empathic listening and feedback
  • How to run a group
Step 3
Opportunity to join a network of ongoing support groups

Who is it for?

Talk for Health is for anyone; we all benefit from developing our communications and listening skills.

This programme is funded by the NHS and is  FREE for  people who live in Islington 

What do people say about it?

“A space where you can be completely yourself and be honest.”
“Enjoyable, inspiring, safe, supportive, liberating.”
“It gave me a much deeper understanding of myself and other people.”

What do I do next?

Book a place on the taster: email
or call us on 07826 148 461

or text ‘call me’ and we will get in touch with you.

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