Islington Mind is a strong and active supporter of User independence and energetically involves service users in all our decision making processes. We particularly encourage service users to get involved in the strategic and commissioning processes in the Borough.

There are several local methods of achieving this. One is through the Islington Mental Health Forum (IMHF) and the other is the Islington Borough Users Group (IBUG). These are separate and independent organisations which have been active in Islington for the past 20 years.

Islington Mental Health Forum
The Islington Mental Health Forum is a group which aims to provide a support system for mental health service users and contribute effectively to the commissioning decisions of Islington Care Commissioning Group. The IMHF can be contacted at:

IMHF, Shelburne House, 2 Shelburne Road, London, N7 6DL.

Islington Borough Users Group
IBUG aims to develop the capacity of individual service users to represent themselves, and has more formalised links to the Islington CCG commissioning process. IBUG can be contacted via their website or at:

Highgate Mental Health Centre,
Dartmouth Park Hill,
London N19 5NX

Tel: 0207 561 4140. Email:

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