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The Creativity Centre at Isledon Road

The Creativity Centre was set up in 1997 by service users to explore and develop their creative interests. The studio is open to all Islington Mind members and is service user-led. Every 4-6 weeks a meeting is held with the service users and Mind staff to decide how to use the space, develop workshops, plan outings, and address any issues that arise.

The studio is equipped with many different materials and equipment including clay, a kiln and glazes; acrylic and watercolour paints, other materials for painting and drawing, and a printing press. Participants are encouraged to bring their own materials if they wish.

The Creativity Centre has a long tradition of holding exhibitions, partnering with other agencies including colleges and educational establishments, local art schools, museums and national art collections such as The Tate and The Royal Academy. The centre has contributed to community-building events such as fairs and film festivals. It has also retained contact with Outside In at Pallant House – an arts program where Creativity Centre users have had their work shown virtually, and where artists can connect with training programmes and debates about outsider art.

Work produced in the Creativity Centre is displayed throughout our Isledon Road building, making use of our central hall to display ceramics, paintings, collages, and large sculptures. Click here for a gallery of artworks created at our centres.

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