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Mental Health Recovery Pathway – Structured Intervention Support

Our Structured Intervention Support service provides support to people with complex mental health needs, by referral only. It consists of the following teams and provisions:

The CovidRecovery Enablement Service is a National Lottery funded service that aims to address mental health and wellbeing challenges triggered by the Covid19 pandemic, and to help reduce hospitalisation and health crises through a target-oriented programme.

The Reablement Programme team provides a short-term intensive support programme for people with severe and enduring mental health problems to enable and/or improve transitions (e.g. hospital discharge)

The Psycho-Social Support (PSS) team provides personalised support to enable people with complex mental health needs progress and maintain independent living:

  • Assessments
  • Recovery Planning
  • one-to-one key-work support with staff or volunteer/mentor
  • Help with accessing day services

The Psychosis Therapy Project (PTP) is responsible for the provision of talking therapies for people diagnosed with psychotic illness.

We are always looking for volunteers, so do get in touch if you are interested.

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