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Our Staff

Our dedicated and committed teams of staff and volunteers work tirelessly together to make a different to our service users’ lives, create a sense of community and a welcoming, inclusive to all therapeutic environment where everyone is supported to reach their potential. 

We are aware that the Covid19 pandemic and the cost of living crisis exacerbate pre-existing systematic inequalities and impact mostly people from minority groups. We seek to actively encourage equality through our policies and practices, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard, recognised and valued.

Sigal Avni, CEO


Sigal Avni – Chief Executive (CEO)

Gerry Turley – Head of Finance, HR and Resources
John Coppock – Finance Officer
Gideon Ahabwe – Finance, HR and Resources Officer

Gemma Watts – Head of Services

Min Wilkinson – Fundraising and Administration Officer
Jane Moody – Reception



Integrated Community Support

Pat O’Driscoll – Mental Health Recovery Pathway Manager (ICS)
Lauren Blenkinsop – Open Access Communal Space Team Leader
Katie Evans – Volunteer Co-ordinator Team Leader
Saskia Tansy – Service User Zone & Chance4Young Team Leader
Charles Murray –  Day Opportunities Worker (Service User Zone)
Rebecca Moon –  Day Opportunities Worker (Outreach)
Charlotte Hooley – Day Opportunities Support Worker
Michele Chowrimootoo – Support Worker and Music Tuition
Diana Apent & Icilima Husbands – Cooks

Women Only Space

Bettina Masi 

Crisis Café

Lindsey N’ghandu – Team Leader

Viktoria Stefanopoulou 
Lorraine Dixon
Charles Murray
Jane Edwards
Carrie Ravenscroft

Structured Intervention Support

Ossi Ron – Mental Health Recovery Pathway Manager (SIS)

Enablement Service

Athena Tsigaras – Team Leader
Constantina Stamou – Support Worker
Philip Challinor – Administrator

Reablement Service

Lynn Curran – Team Leader

Psycho-Social Support

Athena Tsigaras – Team Leader
Viktoria Stefanopoulou
Lorraine Dixon

Community Mental Health

Emma McFadden – Keyworker
Kwabena Anyemedu – Keyworker


Psychosis Therapy Service (PTP)

Dorothée Bonnigal-Katz

Counselling Service/Talking Therapies

Bruno Conde – Counselling Services Co-ordinator

Outcome and Freedom from Fear to Love

Lizzie Hughes – Team Leader (they/them)
Max Fedyk – Support Worker & EDI Champion (he/him)
Katie McGregor – Support Worker (she/her)
Maria Yianni – Support Worker (she/her)
Satoko Fujishiro (she/her) – Rainbow Suicide Prevention Project Co-ordinator
Jeeyung Staurseth (she/her) – Rainbow Suicide Prevention Project Psychotherapy Clinic Co-ordinator


Mother2Mother (M2M) 

Julie Vasili 

Hand in Hand Peer Travel Buddy Service

Satoko Fujishiro

Welfare Benefits Clinic

Rosa Morris – Team Leader