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Suicide Awareness and Prevention Resources

These pages are meant to support professionals and staff. If you are in need of urgent support, click on the “I need help now” button at the top of this page. There is also a range of local services available in Camden and Islington, listed here.

Each suicide is a tragedy with devastating and wide-ranging consequences. Over the last decade, suicide rates have fallen in Camden and Islington, but there are still an average of 40 deaths from suicide across the two boroughs each year. We believe these deaths can be prevented and that preventing suicide is everyone’s business.

Suicide prevention is a national area of importance where local councils in England are encouraged to take a proactive leadership role. In Camden and Islington, suicide prevention is a key public mental health priority. Our mission is to bring together and support services across different sectors to prevent suicide and build both individual and community resilience.

Camden and Islington council have partnered with Mind Islington to host a collection of resources and information for those working in suicide prevention, or those interested in learning more, including local strategies, resources for signposting and current research and evidence.