Other Resources, Research and Evidence

Key to preventing deaths by suicide is understanding the broad range of factors influencing it. This includes the impacts of suicide and bereavement, how people can best be helped, government policy and best practice research and evidence. This page hosts a variety of resources to help anyone interested or working in suicide prevention to develop their knowledge and understanding further.


There are a range of organisations carrying out important work into suicide, suicide awareness and prevention, including the government, academic institutions and voluntary sector organisations. Below are links to key organisations working in suicide prevention.

  • Samaritans Mental health charity, providing direct support to those in crisis and resources about suicide and suicide prevention.

Data and Evidence

A collection of informative reports on suicide and the various factors that relate to it, presented using key messages, infographics and recommendations.

General Evidence: Statistics and general data on suicide and suicide prevention

ONS Suicides by Local Authority Statistical Bulletin

Detailed analysis report of national suicide data by the Office for National Statistics

ONS Suicides by Local Authority Data Set

Nationally collected data sets on suicide in the UK, used to inform various analyses

OHID Fingertips Data Profiles for Suicide

Detailed national data sets on suicide, including filters such as geographical region and inequalities


Gender and Suicide Risk: Data and reports on suicide risk and its relationship to gender

Suicide by Middle-Aged Men (NCISH)

Useful presentation of research into suicide by middle-aged men, exploring related factors and contact with mental health services.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Samaritans)

Very detailed report exploring suicide risk and factors relating to the lack of engagement with support services among middle aged men, as well as recommendations for improvements.

Engaging Men Earlier (Samaritans)

Service oriented report exploring how best to design, deliver and evaluate services aimed at supporting men at risk of suicide.

Gender and Suicide (Samaritans)

Short briefing outlining the relevance of gender in suicide data, including exploration of suicide attempt and suicide completion rates between men and women.

Suicide by Female Nurses (NCISH)

A short study to collect preliminary data into suicide by female nurses, providing detailed analyses.

Children and Young People: Data and reports on suicide and self-harm in children and young people

Suicide by Children and Young People (NCISH)

A detailed report into suicide and homicide among children and young people, including collation of various data sets, infographics and key messages. There is also a 2016 version available.

Suicide in Children and Young People (NCMD)

A detailed report into suicide among children and young people, covering key findings, infographics and recommendations.

The Impact of economic disruption on young adults (Samaritans)

A report exploring the impacts of economic disruption on the functioning of Young adults, including its risk on suicidal thoughts.

Loneliness, Suicide and Young People (Samaritans)

Short paper covering loneliness and it’s relation to suicide in young people, including recommendations for governments and local policy makers.

Covid-19: Data and reports on the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on suicide

Suicide in England since the Covid-19 pandemic -early figures from real-time surveillance

Useful research on suicide and suicide prevention from the Covid-19 pandemic incorporating graphics and key messages

ONS Suicide Data from April-July 2020

Comprehensive data sets on suicides occurring during the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic

How the coronavirus pandemic has affected wellbeing and suicidality

A detailed report on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on wellbeing and suicide risk, including key messages, infographics and datasets

Wider Determinants and Mental Health: Data and reports on the wider determinants of suicide risk, and its link to mental health

Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Suicidal Behaviour (Samaritans)

Useful report exploring the impacts of various socioeconomic factors on suicidality, comprised of several distinct research pieces and summaries. 

Pushed from Pillar to Post (Samaritans)

Detailed report covering the various support options available for people at risk of self-harm, including key findings and infographics.

Insights from Experience: Alcohol and Suicide (Samaritans)

Report outlining findings of a survey exploring the use of alcohol among those with lived experience of suicide, including qualitative personal experiences and recommendations.

Unlocking the evidence: Understanding Suicide in Prisons (Samaritans)

Detailed report covering the factors impacting suicide rates among prison populations, including infographics and key findings.

Safer Care for Patients with Personality Disorder (NCISH)

Report covering characteristics and care for individuals with personality disorder prior to homicide or suicide, using informative graphs and key messages extracted.