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our choices dictate what we become at every stage of life
chances are
if our choices are positive then our life experiences are positive
if our choices are negative, our life experiences are negative

there are two kinds of men in the world
there are clever men and there are wise men
clever men are always busy trying to get out of trouble
wise men never get into trouble

happiness is our birth right
patience is a virtue

By Walton McLaren

Keeping A Smile

I keep a smile ready for any passer-by in the street struggle
They dim their lights in the dead of night fall the hands that switch them around in the nights small like child hands small little fingers crossed though having school offers free plates soup buttered bread washed abandoned grown trown in the bin by fatherly love over there in the corner of the poets ice buckets scones with raspberry jam she gives away to all people who then a thin little blade sharp swings cutting the currants raisins to blend in the soup in that case we do the cooking allowed cabbage patch spuds I press the rose bushes to smelling the fragrance wonderful smell in spite of the weather starring eyes keeping a watchful eye over my shoulder half tipsy topsy you have the afternoon the table below laden in well cured feasible feast eating drinking comes the same as the house on the corner correct we learn that we come to terms in the day time when she brings out the dinner we learn to pass ink that won’t blot on the water spills spilling over who could forget that day the rainfall falling filling the land soaked harvester I keep that smile in that rainfall

By John J Sheehy

Posted on: 19th May 2020

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